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Sometimes products are recalled, they expire, they do not meet safety and quality standards, become damaged in transit, or they need to be removed from the market for some other reason. Although many businesses try to upcycle or recycle their off-spec and outdated goods, there are some instances in which the products must be destroyed entirely and rules for proper disposal must be followed. Products such as uniforms, fashion clothing, toys, and other recalled items all need to be properly destroyed and that’s where Royal Shredding comes in. We can offer your business a way to safely and effectively remove this inventory.

Examples of Products we Destroy

Top reasons for commercial product destruction include;

Brand Protection

Off-spec and outdated products that are not destroyed or upcycled by the manufacturer often end up on the gray market. The gray market is where legitimate products are sold through unofficial distribution channels. Often the original manufacturer does not gain any of the profits and the consumers who buy the products do not get access to any manufacturer’s offers, such as warranties or customer service.

Because the goods sold on the gray market are usually faulty, outdated, or otherwise substandard, consumers may learn to associate your business’ brand with these low-quality products. Making sure secure product destruction offers one way of protecting your brand.

Also, for some products, there is also the risk of unofficial channels gaining access to the products illegally and selling them. For example, defective products that are sent to a landfill may be taken out illegally and sold.

Limit Liability

Some off-spec or outdated and non-hazardous substances may cause harm to someone who accesses it. To limit your business’ liability for negligent behavior, these products may need to be destroyed.
If your business has off-spec or outdated products accumulating in your warehouses, you may benefit from product destruction call Royal Shredding today and speak with a customer service representative today.

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